I have a fairly new home, 7 years. Zone heating and ac Carrier unit with attached humidifier. A couple months ago i started getting a whistling sound when only one zone is on. If all 3 zones are going, whistle goes away. Called local hvac contractoor in June, he said it is pressure build up and my humidifier should be taken off, re-ducted in. What is odd to me is humidifier is not cause of the noise, i pinpointed noise to one of the dampers, but can't figure out how to stop noise. I attached pictures, the duct on left front is the one that is the culprit. The contractor told me he is super busy in June, I have called twince, keep getting pushed aside, so I am wondering if he really doesn't now what is wrong. I know this doesn't seem like end of world, but the whistle is annoying and i just want it to work properly. Just looking for direction, does this sound right? Should i call someone else? Am I being steered wrong?
Thank much.
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