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    Sman 3 does not show subcooling?

    Hey guys, bought a sman3 a few months ago, only used it about 10 times so far. It is a great tool!! Anyways now it does not show my subcooling, it will show my sh , temps lsp, vsp, idwb. Idwb, real time temps from my temp clamps, but it won't calculate my sub cooling it just shows 0L just wondering if this has happen to anyone. It's I really don't need it to calulate my sc, but it's nice to get what u pay for.

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    Whenever I get OL on mine it is because one of the values is outside of the programmed chart that it uses for SH and SC targets. Usually it is either the IDWB or ODDB. I also found that I had to calibrate my temp sensors pretty often with ice water due to some temp errors. I calibrate about once a month and it has not been off since. If your system is really out of whack due to under or over charge I have gotten OL for SH.

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    Sometimes I would get that reading for no reason i could figure out. I would just just clean my T'couple plug with a soft clean clothe and use dry co2 (nitro for those of you who use it) to blow out the plug-in.

    Worked for me. No problems since I keep the T'couples plugged in now during storage.

    One thing I had to learn about these digitals was that some have little idiosyncrasies.

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    Give us a call at Fieldpiece (714) 634-1844. We can walk you through some real quick and easy tests to see where the issue lies. Most likely the SC is out of range meaning its fairly off on charge or your temp clamp needs calibration. Calibrating it in the field to ice water is quick and easy. Just give us a call and we can hep you.

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