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    Zoning Installed! What do you think?

    So if you see my last threads I've been wanting to Zone my split level house, get a variable speed furnace, and downsize and get a two stage Condenser. Well after tons and tons of research and a way to long HVAC tech search I have finally started stage one of my HVAC overhaul, 2 Zones! Please view the pictures below of the HVAC tech install. The system is a Honeywell HZ322 with a wired and wireless thermostat. The third zone is still open and the dampers are ZD spring open, power close. *Taking yall's advice I had the tech not install a bypass but just bleed some air into the other zone. He did some calculations with a little wind speed deal and said it's like 100cfm in one direction and 75cfm in the other. So far the system is unbelievable, I was able to get my up or downstairs to 72 degrees in 90degree 100% humidity (it was drizzling). Before the lowest it would go was 74. So far the system is still using about 2/3 hour run times too. Sound has slightly increased but mostly because he broke a hanger and now there is a vibration that is loud, he is going to fix that monday though. For the price of about 3 playstation 3s it wasn't a bad deal, however he does know I'm getting a variable speed furnace and 2 stage AC from him later. The current system is a 90k 80% 1990 single stage PSC furnace with 1990 8 Seer 2.5ton condenser.
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    Again what do yall think, is this a good install?
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