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    What are some of the larget Central Plants You have Seen??

    This is a question for all those who work as building engineers or service larger equipment.

    What are some of the largest Central Plants You have Seen, during your years in this industry?? More Specifically, what are some of the largest Central Plants for Comfort air conditioning. We all know that many factories/industrial facilities have large chiller systems, however the largest system specifically designed for comfort air conditioning was the former World Trade Center in NYC. That plant had 7- 7000 ton York Chillers. 49,000 tons of cooling capacity.

    Has anybody here ever seen anything that can come close to this?? What was the tonnage?? What building was it in?? Were they doing cooling only, or did they also have heating (Boilers)??

    It always great to hear the experiences of others!

    PS: I've attached a picture from the WTC Plant

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