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    Need to document a bad installation, who to contact?

    A few weeks ago, I had posted about an installation where the contractor installed a 410r outdoor compressor unit, a new expansion valve and changed the 22r system to 410r. Bottom line is that things have escalated, I requested that he come and take the unit away, after his company tried to get the system to work after 3 repair attempts. He says he will not pick up the unit, that legally he is not required to, and that I have not given him an opportunity to fix the system, but as things have progressed it's not reasonable for me to think, no. 4 will be any different.

    You all were very helpful in identifying the potential issues with this kind of installation. I don't know where I'd be without you.

    I have no choice at this point but to contact another company and have them change out the entire unit, outside and inside, to a compatible system.

    My question is, before the current system is taken out I have a number of things to address.

    1) No legal sniffing here.

    2) Also my home does not have a garage, what do I do with the compressor unit the other company installed. It is hurricane season here, and do not want an unsecured unit sitting on my deck. The company that installed it will not retrieve it.

    I've already contacted the BBB, and the next step is the Licensing board, but have determined that a lot of the information they told me during the installation is inaccurate, so I want an impartial expert to write a report.

    Thanks again.
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