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    Walk in cooler sizing

    I work in HVAC, not refrigeration. But I want to build a walk in cooler to hang deer during early bow seasons when it can still be 90 out. How do I size my cooler? It will be on an insulated concrete slab 2x6 walls foam insulation and 2 vapor barriers. I want to over size it some for a fast pull down. How do I select the proper evaporator? And condenser?

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    Go to techumsehs web site. They have a box load calculation tool. Masterbilt has one on theirs too, it will give you btu specs then you can size your evap and condenser from there.

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    Why 2 vapor barriers? Only one is needed.

    What are your plans for the interior finish? Blood and other fluids will soak into wood.

    Oversized equipment leads to humidity issues.

    Good Luck

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    For my deer dungeon I just used a modified windo shaker, I couldnt see forkin out the dough for refrigeration equipment for what it is. I can pull down to 35-38* in a 8x8 box built similar to what you are building but no slab insulation.

    Change stat to a lower temp stat and add a compressor off fan on evap defrost control to a 2-300$ unit and you are good to go.

    Just another option, I prefer to put my money in deer habitat on my farm.

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