Hello all, thanks for the help in advance I really appreciate those of you that check this page and reply to us lay people. Ok so last year I purchased a foreclosed property in Las Vegas it's a 3000 sq. ft. house that was built in 2006. It has 2 HVAC systems a larger system on the ground floor (I believe it's 3.5 ton) and a smaller system for the upstairs, I don't recall the manufacture at this time. This house is mainly a party house I have been there about 6 or 7 weeks since the purchase, so because of that I bought wifi thermostats so I can operate the systems via the Internet. The installation of these units was a little bigger then I expected so I contacted a local hvac company and had a guy come out and do the work, great guy retired military we had a great conversation really nice guy, he inspected the systems and said that I had a very nice set up.

So to the issue, Thursday my parents are in Las Vegas and my mother calls and says that the downstairs AC is not working, she believes the thermostat switched to heat and started blowing hot air, I checked the thermostat via my computer and put it on cool and lowered the temp to 74, my parents went outfor a show and came back and the downstairs area was still hot and wasn't cooling. I couldn't remember the exact name of the company i had dealt with but thought I found them via the net and gave the number to them to call. A Technicain came out that night and after about an hour said, he thinks its the controller board which is $$$-$$$$ to replace but he can't guarantee that it would fix the problem. After he said this to my father he said that these systems in the house are very cheap and they only have a 10-12 year life and instead I should get a new system because these units often go wrong and can kill you with carbon monoxide in the winter. So my father calls and says this to me and I tell him to cut the guy loose I would find another Technicain before we talk about doing that kind of work. After looking through my bills I find the company that did the previous work and contacted them to come out. Today (Friday) my mother calls and says the upstairs unit is now not cooling and that the repairman from the company I called can't get out until Saturday. At this point I can't have my parents in the desert without AC so I book them into a hotel for the next couple of days and I feel total helpless being 500 miles away and there is nothing I can do, sorry if I'm long winded I just wanted to give as much detail as I could.

Here is my questions, what are the chances of 2 separate systems going out with in 24 hours of each other? Does this control board story hold weight, my mother shared my suspicion about the first Technicain because the control board replacement was pre printed on the repair form. Having had several hvac systems I thought the issue sounded like a capacitor blowing out, and now with the 2 system going down I am totally perplexed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.