Hi guys,

I am looking to get retrofit zoning done on my system but wanted to check that it is actually possible since I have read that the AC must be dual stage for more than two zones.

I would like to add 3 zones to our home, basement (2000 sq ft), main level (2000 sq ft) and loft (800 sq ft). The furnace is a Lennox G61MPV. I had a contractor at but he gave no details as to his plans and I am hesitant as its not supposed to work? He may be looking at using a different zoning panel, but I would like to get Lennox since our entire system is Lennox.

The furnace is 5 ton but the key is that the AC is 2.5 ton. So I am wondering if it will be able to work almost like a two stage AC in this case, since its 50% the BTU of a 5 ton unit, which is what the home is designed for and what is used for heat/blower. The AC is an XC13-030.

Does anyone know if its doable on a system like this? Perhaps the Staging could control just the fan? But the output would stick at a 2.5 ton and still be like the AC is running in first stage?

Hope I dont need a new AC for this (