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    Confused 410 a vs R22 upgrade in old brick home question heat pomp

    AC expert . . .
    . . . I need advice. Michael Cordes Signal Hill, Illinois (6 miles from St. Louis Arch)
    I have an old carrier condenser that leaks at the Schrader valve and in the condenser. American Home Shield, “AHS” will not replace the condenser with 410a coolant refrigerant model. They will replace it with a R22 refrigerant coolant unit. They recommend a 2.5 T., 15 SEER R22 units.
    If I wish to go to 410a coolant unit as an upgrade, they will send me a check for $935 as a cash option. I then have the choice to hire my own licensed installer to do an upgrade. To date Ahs has repaired my AC with a new Carrier A coil installed 6 months ago (Model No. 38EH030340 SERIAL NO 4387E58407); they also installed a New Compressor (Copeland No. CR30K6 – PFV 875 Serial No. 11F3824H); they put in a new fan motor (Fits co Model No. D923 # HC35S1231); a new relay in the handler (No. 90-380(; a hard start kit; a can of “stop leak” and to date 27 lbs of R22 coolant in three visits (9 lbs. each time).
    My question is should I go for the 410a coolant at my expense for the upgrade above the 925 cash allowance?
    We, wife and I, lived in this 100 year old home raising 10 children for more than 35 years. Two AC units one HVAC horizontal gas fired forced air on the second floor. And for the first floor and basement the failed unit. This area is heated with the wonderful radiator / hot water boiler heat. Now that we are empty nesters, we except when needed seal off the second floor – close off the basement put a 5,000 BTU window unit in the Master bedroom / bath and a 12,000 BTU window unit in the great / kitchen /dining room. This summer we were without the broken AC (first floor and basement) we did turn on the second floor unit and both window and were maintaining 70 decree temps during our St. Louis 40 days of 100 plus summer temperatures.
    We are both 70 and plan to stay (god willing) in this home for 15 or so more years. All our needs can be met on this first floor. We open the rest for visits.
    The home is 13 inch solid brick, poorly insulated, single pane windows, and lots of cracks at the doors. Ameren Illinois /UE provide our gas and electric $0.075 per kwh. We only need heat or AC about 90 to 100 days per year. We can pay the bills.
    I can have Ahs put the 2.5 T. R22 coolant 15 SEER unit in at no out of pocket cost to us. (We pay them $600 annually (unless we cancel). If I cancel and need Freon R22 is skyrocketing in price, and if I stay with them it will be a $60. Service call all parts and labor on them.
    My contract states that they may not us any parts manufactured before January 2010. If the unit fails some day and I am under Ahs plan they must upgrade according to law.
    I looked at the following upgrades 410a 2.5 T. 15 SEER would cost me out of pocket $; heat pump 2.5 T. 15 SEER 410a coolant extra $.
    Why not just put in a new orifice in the Carrier A coil, and a new 410a compatible or repaired condenser coil. What might that cost?
    Your thoughts, Michael Email addresses are not permitted in post, please put it in your profile, thank.
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