In this position you will be responsible for preparing and maintaining the library of HVAC sequences of operation that is the source of pre-programmed data used by different (Andover,CSI, Honeywell or Tritium) field controllers. Data will initially be created for loading into the flash of existing programmable controllers, but will be embedded into fixed function controllers at a future date.

In order to prepare a complete library, it will be necessary to create generic code based on sequences that have been implemented by both in-house turnkey groups and external system integrators. The modified code will be documented and made available for use.
User entry screens will be designed to allow all configuration data to be supplied.

Interface with customers to ensure project remains viable and consistent with objectives
Evaluate and propose initiatives and continually improve design processes for BAS
Work within cost estimates and remain on budget

The ideal candidate must have a full understanding of mechanical system control operation as well as the ability to analyze different interpretations of a sequence and to formulate a generic implementation that satisfies the primary goals of the various interpretations. Good communication skills are a must.
At least 3 years' experience in building controls and automation. Knowledge of BACnet and/or LonMark protocols must have experience with Microsoft development products.
Demonstrated project management skills and a good understanding of building automation and mechanical systems
Excellent interpersonal skills and a proven ability to manage multiple tasks