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    Nordyne pressure switch ordeal

    I started a a/c install 3 days ago furnace is a nordyne kg7tc 2-stage that was installed 3 years ago with no issues.While do the low voltage wiring with new stat i deside to start furnace and check operation.status light is telling me pressure switch error so i take the tube off of inducer and work pressure manually through the tube and it closes i put tube on inducer furnace fires i cycle it again and it fires,today i go back to finish a/c install and i have the same issue.the furace will fire only after i blow in and out of the air tube connected to the inducer and its not the condensate switches either so what could cause this other than a replacement switch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by splus View Post
    start furnace and check operation.status light is telling me pressure switch error .
    Which error - PS Closed Fault, or PS Open Fault ?

    If the switch is closed because it failed to open on previous shut down, then I would say it is probably a bad switch.

    If the switch failed to close after the inducer started, then it could be anyone of the following :

    - Blocked Vent
    - Undersized Vent
    - Water in Pressure Switch Tubing
    - Cracked Pressure Switch Tubing
    - Inducer not Running at Full Speed
    - Bad Pressure Switch
    - Blocked Heat Exchanger
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    Is moisture getting into the hose.
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    I did take all the hoses off and made sure nothing was inside them,the furnace did cycle two times and then three days later i have the same pressure switch error.

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    Answer Rundawg's question and you may get a useful reply. Is the switch failing 'open' or 'closed'?
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    How's the venting? if its borderline you can get intermittent shutdowns. Pressure at tap when furnace starts vs pressure switch setting?
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    I had one do something similar after a thunderstorm. It screwed up the circus (yes I said circus) board.

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