Hi I am new to this and recently got installed a new XC95M modulating furnace, an XR15 condenser with a matching coil, and a 3 zone Honeywell system HZ 311 with Honeywell dampers and basic programmable thermostats. Everything works fine so far - given that we have tested the A/C only. My question is in regards the zoning system and thermostats - they are all for a single stage furnace and A/C (which is ok for the A/C). I asked my HVAC company about not being sure that it would work with a comunicating modulating furnace but I was assured that it is fine and all i need is a single stage thermostat and the furnace will be modulating the stages based on the temp of the return air. Is this true? Do I need a real communicating thermostats and a comunicating zoning board? What is the corect thing to be done in that situation - meaning taking full advantage of the modulating furnace by keeping it the way it is or change to different zonning and thermostats? Does Trane even offer zoning boards for comunicating thermostats?