I am replacing the furnace and A/C in my home. This was precipitated by a leak in my A/C. I needed 3 pounds of freon added a few months ago. Very expensive! Both the furnace and A/C are about 15 years old, so I decided to move forward with having them both replaced.

I got several quotes. Some of the quotes included replacing the A/C lines and some did not. My house provides a lot of installation challenges as the furnace, condenser and hot water tank are all in a little utility closet. The outside part of the A/C is on the other side of the house and the lines run through an attic that is like a crawl space type of attic.

The company that I chose gave a quote that said it included replacing the lines for the air conditioning. Today they began the install. As day 1 of the install came to an end, I asked about the lines being replaced as I could say they had not done this yet. The installers said that their work order said to reuse the existing lines. I showed them that my quote indicated that new lines would be installed. The installers said this would be a very large effort. I believe one of the installers said it would be about 3 days and that the difficulty was because the lines go through a wall to get to the attic. They thought it was a mistake made on the quote. They said that they would test for leaks as they finish the install tomorrow. If it didn't show a leak, they thought it wasn't necessary to replace the lines.

The quote was a very good price compared to the others and this company has a good reputation. The sales person told me they got a great price on the furnace. [Bryant 355CAV]

What should I do? What should the company do?