Hey, guys. I'm seeking advice on some maintenance that needs to be done on my Carrier furnace. I had a tech out today that informed me that the high/low relay on my control board has gone bad. It is currently stuck in low mode and my AC system is working harder than it should and taking longer to cool. He notices some freezing towards the end of the cooling cycles and that the condenser outside is running harder and noisier than normal. So he recommended a replacement of the control board(Carrier OEM part hk42fz013).

Preferring to do the work myself to save some money, my question is whether or not this is more complicated than simply cutting power to the unit and then taking whatever is plugged into the board currently and plugging it onto the new board. I haven't looked closely at the control board(it is easily accessible) so I don't know if there's anything soldered or not. I don't know how to solder so that's out of my range of capabilities. I'm an IT guy and build my own computers so I figure this is basically like replacing the furnace's motherboard so how hard can it be. But I'm by no means an HVAC tech.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.