I am replacing an old 13 year old condensor and coils (evaporator?) and I have had three contractors out to bid.
Two of them brought up the old alumnimum vs copper debate for the inside unit which I believe...help me here contractors...is the evaporator.
I have read online a bit and there is a lot of discussion of condensor coils...less for evaporator. The reason given by one contractor for aluminum
was corrosion and the other said the new 410 was under higher pressure and blew leaks in the aluminum. He recommended copper.
Could really use some input here.
I am looking at 3 ton unit 13 SEER.
One guy wants to install Amana. The other wants to install Lennox.
The third guy never mentioned coils, but his was the high bid for American Standard.
I don't get the feeling these guys are dishonest, they just have brand preference.