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    Damaged scroll compressor from being dropped

    This post is more of a heads up warning for all to really take a close look at the shipping containers that your Copeland scroll compressor is shipped in. I made the mistake of, #1 accepting the package in its condition, but at the time summized it was dragged instead of lifted due to the weight and #2 not looking more closely for damage. Long and short off it, the compressor shipping crate is poor and it was dropped. The compressor was damaged internally as it drew LRA on start up. A closer look as my apprentice pointed out the foot mount was bent. He did notice at the time of installation and needless to say we have to wait another 5 days for a replacement from Winnipeg to Vancouuver Island by ground because flying posed too much risk for damage.....go figure
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    Some scroll warranties are voided if they are shipped on its side let alone dropped or dragged.

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    This is how your compressor was shipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolMech View Post

    This is how your compressor was shipped.
    I get a lot of UPS shipments. Its a miracle the contents survive the transport. They look like they have been dragged behind the truck, not shipped in it.


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