have to disagree with you guys on this one. I started my own business after having a very hard time finding a job in the field after going to hvac school. i worked hard. im 4 years into my business and started with 0 customer base. not much field experiance. and tons and tons of competition. my first year was rough but i made it in the green and improved and grew my second and third years. now im doing commercial i have steady business and have employed 6 techs i have been in the green all 4 years and im making a great living it all came from proper advertising and being honest and doing good work. when you do 1 person right and do a great job that 1 person tells a few friends you get there business and then get there friends business and thats how i grew by the end of my first year i had steady work i wouldnt say everyone can do it it has alot to do with your market and location but i made it and didnt really ever struggle all that bad either i know of another guy that started day one out of school and is well on his way and making it just fine its a huge gamble but it was worth it for me you just have to do your homework and only if you really have your ducks in a row jump in