Hace frío hoy means that it's cold today. If a person is cold, the verb is tener, and if it's the weather, it's hacer.

Change the name ASAP,, and start Fresh with your Internet fingerprint george,, formally worked for AirP????? And with your sub rate 1?5 U will definitly Not make it. U will make another contractor Rich with that rate and maybe u can help him also build an extension to his garage u know for that new car.
Google is sponsoring buses to take people to Volunteer in Staten Island all week great opurtunity not four Sales but to mingle with Many other contractors,, they will respect U right off the back, But don't go solely for that reason if it's not in your heart thats whole different thread. I have an insurance guy when your ready,, Fyi your looking over 12 thou for Umbrella Policy,, but with that U can work in google ,, wall street Calvin etc:::I know it's expensive but think how much Gas u will save. Service calls can literally be back to back with in a four block range. worst comes to worst a whole 2 miles North