I'm having a new furnace installed and A/C added to a house I own in San Jose, CA (different house than the one with two heat pumps I posted about before). Proposal called for a Bryant EZ-Flex filter to be installed, but they said the flue would need to be rerouted, as it would be in the way (downdraft configuration). They just called me and said they cannot figure out a way to get the flue out of the way to allow the filter to be changed. The closet containing the furnace is 23" wide. The right hand side of the closet is shared with the garage. The front left hand side of the closet sticks out a bit into the laundy room (the furnace closet is in the laundy room), while the back left side of the closet is shared with a hallway closet on the other side. They thought they might be able to cut into the wall on either side, but they've decided that they can't do it.

Any ideas that they might not have thought of for routing the flue? They said some people do a removable piece of flue in front of the filter, but that it was a code violation. The plan now is to expand the return grill and just filter the air there. I will ask for a deep box so I can install one of those Honeywell FC40 filters if we have to go that route.