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    Desuperheater hookup to water heater

    I have a FHP GS062 geothermal hvac. Apparently it has the desuperheater already in it.

    I want to start using it to heat up the water in the home. I've seen a few diagrams and a few discussions as to how it should be hooked up. Some people have two tanks, others seem to have just one tank. Currently I have 1 80 gallon electric water heater.

    Anyways, I have a few questions.

    What are the downsides of using just one tank? What temperature does the water come out of the desuperheater at? I'm thinking the main issue would be if my water heater is always keeping the water higher than the desuperheater gets the water up to then the desuperheater will be kind of useless.

    With two tanks, tank 1 has the desuperheater, tank 2 has power. Tank 2 gets the already warm water from tank 1. But tank 2 still has to keep the water warm. Is it basically just a savings from not having to heat up the water as much as it would if it had just come straight from the water main? is the cost of keeping the water warm pretty small then?

    Now for hooking it up. Can I use pex?
    I've seen some diagrams where the water that goes into the desuperheater comes straight out of the cold and goes back in through the drain at the bottom. Wouldn't it make more sense for the water that goes into the desuperheater to come out of the bottom of the tank?

    I'm attaching a couple of pictures of my hvac if that helps.

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