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    Anyone have any good experience with training new technicians?

    I am starting up a training department and I was wondering what approaches and literature you all have found o be effective. Other than the wordy text books like Modern Ref and the like does anyone have any more practical resources more suited for guys who learn better visually? I'm having trouble getting theory and processes to stick with most new guys because almost none of them are very effective book learners.

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    Ahh, wouldn't this be considered a site question?
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    ARP! Definitely up the alley of the ARP PROFESSIONAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS! See Toolslammer.

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    I just checked youtube and it has 100s of hvac training videos...I would start them on the refrigeration cycle "red and blue "animations, it's a good way to visualize high and low pressure operations within a typical component cycle.

    quiz them as your working with questions like..."in what piece of equipment would you find low pressure...etc"

    get them thinking about the stuff until they know it backwards and forwards, then start introducing things like superheat and subcooling.

    I would develop a routine for things like charging an a/c unit. you could whip up a quick excel sheet where they can input environmental parameters as they work through the routine, refering to their temp/pressure slide cards to assist them.

    a digital thermometer with multiple probes and sling phychrometer will help them to gain more valuable parameters along with their gauges.

    I was a telecom field super for quite a few years, I am confident this type of approach will mold solid techs without being too booky about it!

    Good Luck!

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