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Awesome posts, everyone! Answers to several questions on the replies are:

10) Yes, am interested in fresh air supply during calm weather but don't know how to solve that.
11) Leakage at the unit is always a possibility. But both my supply and return ducts are tight with mastic and good takeoffs.


The Santa Fe Advance is a powerful dehu and able to handle 3,500 sqft. of space Get a duct kit for the SF A. The intake comes with a 6" and 10" return. Have your a/c tech bring a 6" fresh air duct in through the rim joist to the 6" return. Connect the 10" return to a duct from the main floor.
On the supply side, attach a 10" Tee with a damper on the side of the tee open to the crawlspace. Connect a 10" supply duct to the mainfloor. Use insulated flex duct for all of the ducts.
Partially open the supply to the crawlspace enough to keep the crawlspace 50%RH. Open the 6" fresh air enough to introduce 70-80 cfm of fresh air to the dehumidifier. The fan on the dehu can operate 24/7 to provide circulation and fresh air throughout the space.
Keep us post on your results.
Regards TB