I asked questions here back in 2010 prior to replacing my HVAC system. I have become increasingly unhappy with my system in that it doesn't keep my humidity below 60%. I see other humidity questions frequently asked in this forum but I don't see anything close to my situation so I appreciate any help with this. My system was replaced in late summer 2010 by a local authorized Trane dealer. Afterwards I was somewhat concerned about abilitiy to keep humidity low but did not question it until the spring of 2011 in which I had my local Trane dealer come and make adjustments, mainly lowering the fan speed.

This spring 2012 my allergies were especially bad, I know it was a bad season in most of the country. I became so concerned with the humidity that I purchased a humidity gauge and then realized how high it was. It was then that I realized that my system is likely oversized for my house and then now nearly two years later I don't feel I can ask my Trane dealer to correct this. I explained to my Trane dealer that before the system was replaced I was comfortable at 74-75 in the summer and now find I have to set the temperature at 69-71 to get the humidity lower. I wish I could roll the clock back to two weeks after it was instaleld and I would ask that it be fixed. My Trane dealer is now mostly ignoring me after an additional check this spring. He told me then it was not set for Comfort R mode. He did that but it hasn't helped. I have told him that I would not expect him to replace my system this late but I just want to make sure it is working as well as it can.

So here are a few details...hosue is a 1300 sq ft. ranch on a slab, house is very tight (i've had a blower door test), house had windows and doors replaced in 2009 with low e and argon glass. I have linved in the house since 2001 and my previous 2 ton system was very comfortable. I had a natural gas furnace. What I replaced it with with an XL15i 2.5 ton heat pump and natural gas XC80 furnace with a 3 ton coil and Trane Clean Effects. The let my Trane dealer recommend the size. I pressed my dealer to get me a more efficient system then he first recommended. I also find that when I walk into my house I find the air stale. I don't really know how to describe it. On a warm day 90+ at 5pm the system runs about 10 minutes on 10 minutes off. I don't believe this would be very efficent for dehumidifying the air. What can I do to better dehumidify the air in my house. Thanks for any replies.