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    My GE refrigerator is not cooling

    My GE refrigerator is not cooling , I have test the compressor and I have the following readings common to start 4.5, common to run 7.8 and start to run 11.9 ohms, pins against metal case check open or not grounded.

    Can someone help me and tell if compressor is good ?

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    if you add the two common readings you should get your highest reading.
    in this case, 4.5+7.8=12.3 right? seems within reason

    what do you by "pins against metal case check open or not grounded",?. did you check continuity?
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    Yes , continuity , could the compressor have failed mechanically ?

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    #1. We don't do DIY here. It is against the rules.

    #2. Why do you suspect the compressor is bad? There are a good many other failures that can result in no cooling.

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