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    hoshi DCM270BAH wiring question

    I pulled out the gear motor/evaporator assembly to clean and rebuild it. The wiring diagram was hard to read so I thought I would be clever. I cut the wires at the connectors leave short stubs of color so I would know which wires connect to each other. The gear motor has 4 wires coming out. The guys in the shop reorganized the workbench for me and I found 3 of the factory connectors. orange and yellow, red and grey, black and violet. The only other wire I cut was the neutral where it comes through the strain relief and did not cut the black. Based on the wiring diagram it looks like the blue should connect the the neutral (white).

    Can anyone confirm this or tell me otherwise? there is a place in hell for people who mess with the work area when you have something torn down....

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    Call Permul at 1 800 567 4432
    this isnt tech support but they will give you a number to call
    best of luck

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