Hi, I'm very newbie home owner and a newbie in HVAC. I'm about to do an electric to gas conversion on a 40+ years old detached 2-storey home in Toronto, Canada. I have already decided to go with a Carrier Infinity 98 furnace with Infinity controller, but I have no idea which Carrier A/C is best suited for my home. The house is about 2100 sq.ft. above ground with an unfinished basement. The contractor I'm dealing with quoted me for a Carrier 24ACC6 2.5 ton. But I read on the Carrier website that it does not use the Infinity controller. Would there be any advantage/disadvantage not to use the Infinity controller for A/C? My contractor told me that using Infinity controller for A/C may not distribute cool air evenly for a two-storey structure, unless I go with two A/C units. Is that true? And can someone recommend a Carrier A/C please? Thank you very much!

BTW, the duct work will be properly designed and installed by a certified duct work designer.