I have a two door reach in I'm working on. Freezer on the top, refrig on the bottom. Tstats, Txv's, LL solenoids for each. Unit runs R404a. It is made by Gem and designed for pharmacy/lab applications.

It had a leak. I found one on a soft soldered joint on the refrig Txv. Told my boss we should buy a new valve....not a good chance on being able to resolder due to oil in the solder cup. He wanted me to go for it so I unsolderd the valve and used a acid brush with liquid flux inside the solder cup. Oil residue was noticed on the outside of the valve but not where the leak was at.

Got her resoldered/evacuated/recharged/etc. Freezer works great. put some switches on the LL solenoids so I could look at each section. Suction pressure on the refrig seems way too low. Txv body has frost on it. No difference in suction pressure as I adjust the valve and/or torch body/sensing bulb. I'm going to order a new Txv. Maybe I got solder in it....maybe the power head went and the body froze causing the solder joint to fail...I dunno.

No my question is....should I expect to see more or less the same suction pressures as I would for a straight refrig? After all the compressor is sized for both coils to be running and when the freezer is satisfied maybe I can't possibly expect to push enough gas through the one refrig evap to get a normal suction pressure????

Head pressure was about 90 degree satutrated....about -15 suction with the freezer alone. Refrig alone was way low....like -30 degree coil temp.

Sorry I don't have superheat numbers....suffice to say suction line is well below freezing with the freezer going....about beer can cold with just the refrig.

From paperwork valve is supposed to be sporlan EFS-1/4-C 2X3 ODF straight thru solder body. Best I can find is an emerson HFS1/4RZ ....not too many 1/4" by 3/8" choices. Sound like I'm on the right track guys? Missing anything?