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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanPublic View Post
    Recently it occured to me that it might be usefull to be able to connect to remote devices with a VOIP solution. But with a twist. The remote devices I'm trying to connect to are set up with an analog phone line/number and an old Modem.

    I found this thread using google and have not had much luck looking for solutions to this problem. Alot of people seem to have forgotten that Modems are still in use in a lot of places where it's not cost effective to replace them. I know heracy to the digital Gods right? Whatever!

    So has anyone had any better luck with this problem than dialing speed back to 300bps? Are there any softphones out there that support a data connection from hyperterminal? One phone that came up is the Nortel IP Softphone 2050. But it looks like a purely comercial softphone that has to connect to a Nortel Server (not a generic SIP Server).

    Any insight would be appreciated.
    We use a modem bank connecting our IP network and an external T1 to do just that. Depending on how many locations you're talking about that might be overkill.

    I think what you're looking for would be some form of SIP proxy (for lack of a more intelligent term). Every IP (Internet) to phone service I've seen requires you to connect to their server (Yahoo Voice, Nortel, etc..). I don't think there are many (if any) "generic" SIP servers that allow connections from anyone or anywhere. No one would pay for VOIP services.

    I could be wrong; probably am, but that's my 2c worth.


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    This will explain how reverse telnet works.

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    I tried Vonage with a modem, thier support could never get it to work and then wanted me to pay extra for a seperate modem line?

    I switched to a new Voip Service PhonePower I have never had a problem with using a modem now for over two years.

    Check out some of thier deals here:

    Hope this helps, Chet

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    Might try *99 with Vonage. This is their setting for faxes. I have used it dialing off the laptop to remote N30's. Works fine once the code is entered at the beginning o the phone number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keepitsimplestupid View Post
    As I asked before. Is Ethernet nearby Wireless or otherwise.?

    So, your tryng to access some device tied to an analog phone line from your office internet connection?

    How many devices are we talking about and how far apart are they?

    What is the current interface?

    I can't really go on much without more information. I'm guessing you want a server VoIP rather than a Client.

    We don't appear to be mind melding.

    If you have a single device using RS232 you can use the B&B box and connect to it providing you have Ethernet nearby. Wireless or otherwise.

    But, as I caution, I'd reccomend ssh or reverse telnet rather than a virtual serial port.

    Can you not get a slow speed "dry loop" dsl connection for the item connected to the phone line?

    If you can get a modem installed ANYWHERE where there is both ethernet, POTs and power you can do it. Use a phone closet.

    You can telnet into a "box" which is attached to a modem, which can then dial out. Telnet is across your office internet.
    I have a BasicTalk VOIP the manufacture is Grandstream. I am trying to connect to a Sign Controller i can call the sign modem it will give the connection tones but the software for the sign is saying that the sign controller did not respond. I can connect to the sign with a old fashion land line. I would like to get the access through the basicTalk. I have access to the advaced settings for the box. some of the settings in the box pulls from vonyage. can you please help me out with the issue

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