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    Here is how I deal with variations in ambient temperature while charging a unit after making a repair: If the unit tag states 10*f subcooling and the temperature of the building is within normal operating or below normal operating temperature I set it at the specified SC, however if the building is 80*+ I will set it at around 8* SC because at this point the TXV is most likely wide open and as the temperature drops inside, the valve will close down the flow of refrigerant and Ideally bring the SC close to design specs. If I have any doubt, I'll let it cool down the home and return when its operating under designed conditions.

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    [QUOTE=TriplePoint;14039781]Great post Roger. :thumbup:

    That's what I was going to say. I also agree with Rob about charging to slightly less than called for if the house is hotter than ideal. Even the charts say that indoor temp should be 75 degrees before adjusting.

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