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    I have two Masonary fireplaces, with 10" X 10" flues each that have nothing over them. If you open the damper and look up you can see sky. When it pours down rain how come I don't get flooded. Several years ago hail knocked a dime size hole thru the shingle and tar paper, just glad it quit raining when it did, or I would of had major damage.

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    You will get some water down the flue.some will be soaked up in the mortar joints,flue debris/soot etc.Some will stay on the surface of the tiles.It would have to be a pretty hard rain to flood you through two rough openings of 9x9.
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    The rest will sit on the damper and eventually rust it out.

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    Yes the damper and any other steel will tend to rust out. Also, the rain will tend to damage mortar and brick if the flue is brick, and will even tend to damage a flue with a masonry liner.

    I've talked to masons and they recommend protection from rain for masonry fireplaces, although you have to be cautious --- an improperly designed and installed rain cap can prevent the fireplace from venting properly, causing it to smoke.

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