I work at an office with a critical server room, and in it we have a Sensaphone 800 that has been alarming us more than usual these last few months -yes I know it's summer and it's hot... Anyways, this year we've had professional air-balancing performed, sealed up lot's of little heat leaks around the server equipment, and opened up 2 more ceiling exhausts in the hottest spots all to no avail (all under the guidance of the contractor that performed the initial install); our system seems to be struggling more than ever! Our IT manager assures us no new servers have been added and the current activity with the machines is nothing special -mostly idle.

I'm an Administrative Assistant who got tasked on investigating this issue. I've consulted our HVAC preventative maintenance team and ruled out leaks, HVAC performace issues, refrigerant levels, and have confirmed the HVAC is more or less performing the same as always.

The room always feels cool (i.e. below 71), so I'm also looking into calibrating the respective temperature sensor connected to the Sensaphone).

Any suggestions how to proceed? We're in keep-it-cheap mode, so I'm trying to rule out all the inexpensive possibilities first.

I have more information, just not sure if it's all relevant. I'm baffled why the new exhaust holes didn't seem to help -is it possible too many exhausts could have a negative impact on the system's pressure?