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    Confused Apprentice Looking for first hvac job

    Hello and Greetings to everyone!
    I see some simular posts and same problem i'm having. I graduated from kaplan career center
    for hvac and ended up getting my universal epa card , and its crap shoot if i can land myself a job.
    The school does not promise placement, just helps with resumes and some email leads(copy and pastes from craig list to be precise)
    I have been out of school now 2 months and interviewed with Hertiage Plumbing in Aburn, NH
    Franks Plumbing and heating in Billricka, and all the way to Wakefield MA to the Sherton Hotel
    for a Engineer Position.
    I have been sending out resumes daily to every craig list ad,,
    and trying to get my foot in the door,and i cant seem to get a veterin hvac technician to give me a
    chance. Does anyone have any solid leads? i dont even mind if i travel

    Chris B

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    All i can say is good luck! Companys usually hire at the beginning of heating/cooling seasons so keep your ear to the ground and i'm sure you'll find something this fall!

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