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    Condensor and Evaporator Coil Replacement - What Options Are Really Necessary?

    Current system:
    Year: 2004
    3,100 sq ft 2-story house
    York - 3.5 ton - 11 seer compressor
    York - evaporator coil
    York - gas furnace

    No cold air on 2nd floor. Technician confirmed freon level ok. Determined some bearings missing from blower wheel, causing damage to motor. As a result motor was stopping and lines froze up. Replaced blower wheel and motor. Cold air resumed.

    1 month later no cold air. Technician determine freon levels were too low. Performed leak test and determined leak in evaporator coil.

    Option #1: Replace coil
    Option #2: Replace coil & condensor
    Option #3: Replace coil, condensor, & furnace

    Think we are going w/ option #2 as condensor is 8 years old and uses R-22 freon. From what we understand, if condensor breaks, will most likely need to replace coil again as option #1 will need to convert coil from R-10 to R-22 and will not be compatible w/ new condensor.

    Trane - 2.5 ton - 11 seer compressor
    Trane - evaporator coil
    Trane - thermostat
    Square to round metal transistion
    Metal Y
    Extended warranty (10 year labor)


    • Is it ok to downgrade from a 3.5 ton to a 2.5 ton compressor though we are upgrading to 13 seer from 11 seer?

    • Is an extended warranty really worth it? It costs about $$$$, plus we must perform routine maintenance, such as yearly A/C check-ups, otherwise the warranty is void. The yearly check-ups will runs us about $$$$/year.

    Our thinking is that in 3 years, we would have paid a total of $$$$ for warranty and check-ups and if something happened, can use the money we have spent on the warranty and check-ups on repairs instead.But are unsure if we are just seeing the whole picture.

    • Do we really need a new thermostat? Our existing 5 year-old programmable thermostat works great. Will not getting a new Trane thermostat void the warranty?

    • Do we really need yearly system check-ups?
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