Hello All,

We live in HOTlanta and our central Air Conditioner has died. They tell me the compressor is shot. The unit is thirteen years old. It's a 4 ton

We have gotten quotes and think we have narrowed it down to the Lennox 14ACX or the Amana SSX14

I have been reading reviews until my brain wants to explode. Some sites like them some don't. Some say the Amana is noisy. Some the Lennox is low end. I don't know what to believe anymore.

We are considering replacing the outside unit along with the coil inside and keeping our furnace. That is the way all the quotes have been.

So my questions are these. From your professional experience what would you advise? Is there a large Pro or Con to either of these that would mean we should go or stay away? Even though our thirteen year old unit is a 12 Seer I think, maybe ten, is 14 SEER okay in this very long summer enviroment? Should we be looking at an even greater SEER rating? Amana has a lifetime compressor warranty, would that make it a better choice than Lennox? Or by the time that compressor breaks down the whole unit would be so outdated it doesn't matter. Will the labor cost of installing a free compressor in an old unit by then also be not worth it? Is there something else we should be considering? Is there something I should be asking that I haven't even thought of?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!