8 year old Lennox Elite series 3 Ton system. Florida
System has worked flawless for 8 years, and recently began freezing over on occasion.
I called a local contractor who came out, he checked my Freon level and said it was spot on. He checked my coil and said it was clean. He checked the amperage pull of blower in my air handler and it was correct and seems to be blowing fine.
The drain was very plugged, but that is now fixed, and a duct was loose from a cold air vent, and that is fixed.
Still freezing over.
I set it on 72 last night, and it worked fine all night. I got up at 7 this morning and it was 72 in the house. I work from home and I just noticed it was 75 in the house. I turned the compressor off and I am currently only running the fan, ice cold water is draining from my drain.