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    equipment swap adding furnace, unique situation

    I have a beach house that has two 2 ton split systems with just air handlers inside. The systems serve different floors and the home is designed so the top floor can be closed for the winter ( there is insulation between floors, etc.)
    The upper systems is 3 years old and the lower is 12 and due to the salty air that is generally considered close to the useful life of outside units.

    Due to family changes in how the home is used due to relocations and seasonal use, I want to put a furnace in the first floor only unit replacing my expensive electric heat.
    I also anticipate with certainty that the upstairs ac will not be used for at least the next several (4-5)years at least. It has not been used this summer at all.

    Dealing with generality and assuming the systems and current installations are fine other than age, would it make sense to consider moving the 3 year old condenser (BOTH R22) to downstairs system
    The coils can be moved also if that makes sense but they don't have the same issue with wear and tear as the outside units.

    I do realize I have to figure in the cost of the swap to really answer such a question, but for this forum I'm more focused on whether the outside unit is wasting away even while it's unused and therefore it would be prudent to at least look into the swap and then get a new unit upstairs if things warrant it in 5 years, or doesn't that make sense and I should go with a new 410 condenser and coil.

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    if your fairly certain it won't be getting used, i would move use the newer unit for your needs. it will rot away just sitting there.

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