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    the job was advertised as AC.

    then when i got there is was AC and some maintenence.

    now the only thing i'm doing is the maintenence.
    (we opened up one AC and it got handed over because of warranty)

    the company doesn't want me to bring any tools to work.

    the deciding factor is going to be this Friday, if they are paying me 15 then i'll have to stay as long as possible , and if they drop me after 3 months then ...oh well.

    (there is alot of other things going on too, but it's too long of a story)

    hopefully this is just busy work for non-working AC techs.

    but the thing that gets me suspicious is , how will they judge me for AC if i never work on any?

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    youll know if they?

    tell you they need someone, with more experience , and say they'll have to let you go or unless you want to do maintenance only for a few bucks cheaper,,
    theres alot of dog companies like that out there.

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