I have an evaporator coil Model# CK5BXA030014AAAA and water all over my floor. I had a technician come out and they "cleaned" the drain pan outlet opening. Technician said only other thing he could think of is that the drain pan might be cracked so water could be dripping through that, but that they don't make the pan anymore and we would have to buy a whole new evaporator coil unit. That's when I started looking around myself and found the water coming from a screw hole.

I've traced the water source to where they put a screw in the back corner of the evaporator coil I believe to attach it to the unit below the evaporator coil. They put insulation tape over the screw, the water is coming up over the insulation tape and dripping down the unit to the floor. I pulled the door off of the evaporator coil and looked inside and everything seems fine in there with the exception of, in the back corner where the leak is, the insulation looks differnt from the rest of it.

My big question is, to stop this leak, would it be possible to just fill in the opening screw hole with some type of sealnt like J-B Welb, or silicone caulking and then put the screw back in to stop the leak, or is this something more serious than that?