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    Quote Originally Posted by Shophound View Post
    Is this exactly what he said, or is this your understanding of what he said? Something may be lost in translation, here.
    This is exactly why I response in earlier post. The tech is not here to defend himself. It is only the owner's words (not saying she is lying). But she said "I Think My A/CContractor Ripped Me off--Help!" and judge for yourself.

    I who don't like anyone accused another person ripping someone off AND he/she is not present to defend him/herself. And I think we should not charm in this post to aid this OP.

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    Ok, the guy came back today. Seems I misheard. He said the unit was running at high head pressure because of the extreme heat. He said these units are made to cool the house by about 15 degrees and if we ask it for more than that it works at high head pressure and pumps out more refrigerant and if there is any leak it pushes out more freon through the leak. He said I lost 1 1/2 lbs over two months which he felt constituted a small leak and he sealed it. He said if the sealant doesn't work it is a major leak and will need to be tested but he didn't think it was. He said he has only ever had to come back once after using sealant and that leak was major from the start and he tried to talk the guy out of sealing it but the guy didn't listen. So it is 90 outside right now and nice and cold inside the house. I guess I jumped the gun a bit. Anyways, for those that were helpful thank you very much. For those who just had a smart mouth comment to make well whatever. Thanks Pros!

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    A pound in a year is a small leak, that much in a month is not. His leak detector should have picked up a leak that size with ease.

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    oh geez. he sealed the leak? did he use something called superseal? did you watch him fix it?

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    Yes I watched him but I don't know if it was Superseal or not.

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