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    Blue Collar Bar. Can't get it comfortable. Please help!

    Existing “5 ton” unit.
    Bar is 70’ x 20’ rectangle. Ceilings 10’.
    There are 6 vents where the air comes out. They are about 15” square. They are spaced one at each end centered and 4 in the middle squared. Like a 1-2-2-1 set up along the rectangle.
    The big vent where the air goes in is 20” x 25” and just about center of bar.
    The outside temp is usually 95 – 105 F July – Sept.
    One of the techs showed me the readings of air temp into the bar at 55/56 while the air in the return was 81/82. The thermostat in the bar is way to hot at 85+
    The temp in the bar has cut business by 50 during these hot summer days. My desperation and urgency got me 4 HVAC Co’s to come take a look. The suggestions were:

    Company 1: Replace with a 10 ton system ($)
    Company 2: Put in a 4 ton sytem with “exposed” duct running length of bar and use existing as backup ($)
    Company 3: Increase size of existing air vents ($)
    Company 4: Use existing 5 ton and run “exposed” duct length of bar ($)

    The cost is not the issue… I just want the right solution, and right now I’m confused as heck and can’t do anything.

    Please help. Hard working peoples comfort is on the line.

    Thank you.
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