Just popping in to say hello to everyone, I had an account here some years ago and failed to keep it active, I look forward to being an active and hopefully useful member here! I am a Field supervisor for a sister office of the largest privately owned mechanical contractor in Mississippi. Have been in the trade for a little over a decade (not counting the years of boiler and hydronic work with my father as a kid) I like getting dirty, Love seeing new problems and new people every day, and enjoy nothing better than a real headscratcher of a problem, I may be afforded the opportunity to go to some honeywell schools in the near future for automation, and am very excited at this prospect. Currently working on a Honeywell install in Louisianna on a 5 story building ( 2 YCAL york chillers and an antique Bohn dual screw ) 10 AH'S with VFDs and hopefully a pile of VAVS in a second phase if approved. Hope to meet everyone and maybe meet some of the guys/gals local to me and share some knowledge and stories! (hope this had enough susbstance to count as a post as I fully intend to go pro!!!)