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    Does the the word "enable" ring a bell ? People that go out of their way for loser family members are not helping them one bit. I have a sister in law who is in her 40s and doesn't have her s&%#t together yet. Its everyones fault but her own apparently.

    Fine. Go somewhere else with that pathetic attitude.

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    For the front calipers just pull cap on master cylinder and get your c clamp and squeeze piston back in, leave pad in to make even contact on piston, if you ever need to take a piston out pull bleeder and use compressed air to blow it out, oh and don't point piston at your face lol. For the rear a decent brake spoon would save you some swearing. When I was 17 I was a state certified brake tech, after I found hvac I left that crap behind lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corny View Post
    I worked on that car till 9 something saturday night and then yesterday afternoon from about 11am till 4pm.

    I didnt worry about bleeding the front brakes. Hopefull that broked fitting will stay shut for a while till I can get the time and the gumption to possibly try and repair it.

    My original mission was to replace the bad wheel cylinder on the drivers side that was blown out. Once into the wheel I discovered that the shoes had gone to metal and the drum needed replacing. I went ahead and decided to do both wheels. New drums, news shoes, new drums.

    I got the bad side done and put back together fine.......and thats where I should have stopped.

    I decided to go ahead and replace the wheel cylinder on the other side fiquring it might need it soon. Did this good wheel and had just an absolutely awlful time getting the brakes to sit right......I finally fiqured out sunday afternoon that the self aduster lever was getting caught on the adjuster or something and wouldnt let the brake shoes come in tight against the wheel cylinder.

    I found this out after bleeding the brakes last night then test driving the car this morning...... the good side wheel cylinder popped out of one side. I put the old one back on...bled that brake and it leaked again..... One side of the piston kept pushing out.

    Went and got a new wheel cylinder and as I was putting this one together for some reason I reached in and pressed on the self aduster lever and I hear a snap as the shoes pulled together closer.

    Test drove the car one more time and I thought this new was leaking but it must have just been accumulated fluid on the tire and wheel cause I tore the wheel down once more and it was clean and dry.

    Hopefully its fixed.

    I hadnt done drum brakes in many I didnt know exactly what I was doing. Those shoes not coming together should have been obvious to me but I kept thinking that the drum and then pushing them out with the adjuster would "seat" them properly.

    This is one of my bum nephews cars and its not worth the parts I put on it this weekend. He destroys any car he gets his hands on. Beats dents into them, beat the interior to pieces....drives them into ground.... The front discs are grinding right now and its something I will have to do next weekend. Last time I did his front brakes he had driven the car to the point where one of the pads had come off and the piston was grinding into the rotor.

    Bald tires too.....gonna have to replace them. He goes thru a couple of sets of tires a sh*t......

    If they dont wear out he busts them.... his rims look like someone took a hammer and just beat dents into them where he must get high or something and run into curbs or something.
    Why even bother?
    sounds like he doesn`t appreciate the effort nor will he repay you.
    I love overtime I just hate working for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirjames View Post
    Why even bother?
    sounds like he doesn`t appreciate the effort nor will he repay you.
    I promised my dying mother that I would help look after him.......and because of my sister who has her hands full without this loser bleeding her dry.

    No... he doesnt appreciate it. If I were to have a heart attack while working on his car his first thought would be to grab my wallet.

    no sh*t.......

    But like I said.... Its for my mom and my sister.
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

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    Yikes, sounds like a real winner. "Looking after him" might involve a bit of tough love to get him to fend for himself. This is just a suggestion from an outside perspective.

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    Sometimes, the way to teach a slacker how to NOT fall down is to let them land. If you catch them every time, they have
    no need to learn to do for themselves. If he helped with the brakes, he might not abuse them (and you) as much.

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    BTW, I warped my new rotors in less than 3 months. I've never warped a set of rotors, even when towing trailers. They all made in China , a even the Napa premiums I bought. I'm looking at a set from the dealer, they are cast in China, turned and harden in the US. So you better have a talk with him.

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