My sister calls last week wanting to borrow 50 bucks cause my bum nephews car is broke down. No brakes...fluid pouring out of the back drivers side brake.

I had them tow it to our house and I paid the tow truck driver.

Got started on the brakes today.

Needed a new whell cylinder and the brakes were into the drum.

I went and got new wheel cylinders, drums and brakes for both sides. 100 smackers.......

Go back home and get the first set on......I had put part of the self adjuster on wrong and had to take everything back apart to turn it around so I could loosen the brakes up after seating them.

I have not even seen drum brakes in 15 years...... and they are a ***** with the springs and all.

Get the other side on and I had a bear of a time getting to the self adjuster from the back. even with the wheel off and the car jacked up there just isnt room for a 50 year old in poor health to get under there.

I finally got the brakes seated and got them to where they would spin.

On to bleeding.

Had to rejack the car so I could get to the bleeder ports on the back and it was so tight that I could barely do it.

Got one side ok and went to the other and quit bleeding while there was still some bubbles coming out but I fiqured Im going to have to go back around anyway and after I get them bled once I can take the car out of the driveway and pull it up on the curb to bleed again.

Went to the front wheel and put my wrench on the bleeder was tight as hell......I gave a bit more force and snapped the bleeder fitting off.

Packed it in for the night till I go to advance in the morning and get a new caliper.

Im not even going to attempt to easy out the rest of the fitting. I can have a new caliper on in no time and hopefully some time tomorrow have that POS car out of my driveway.

A whole day wasted on those damn brakes.