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    Building a Successful Performance Contracting Business: Strategies and Tactics

    Join us for a webinar on building a successful commercial performance contracting business on March 28, 2013 at 2 PM. The seminar will be presented by HVAC contractor Paul Levy, PE of Kirlin Mechanical and will highlights the positives of this type of business while helping you overcome some of the difficulies of getting into this business.

    There is no cost to anyone attending the webinar. It is paid for by our sponsor, Viewpoint Construction Software and is being moderated by Contracting Editorial Director, Mike Weil.

    Please join us. Register here:

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    Was it a success? I showed up a little late in the game for it, but it sounds like an interesting topic. Everyone would like to be their own boss but not have the right tools to make it happen and succeed.

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