Based on estimates, but mostly and my feelings of the Contractor's knowledge and integrity, I've decided on the following Lennox system for my (rental) Townhouse...

SL280V (70,000 BTU)
14 ACX, 2.5 Ton 16 Seer
Coil - ADP
Honeywell FOCUS Pro 6000
5 inch Media filter
10 year parts/20 year Heat Exchanger/5 year labor
Option to extend the Labor to 10 years for $400

The Contractor just offered me 1 additional option... I can upgrade to the XC-14 with a Lennox Coil. The additional cost is in the low hundreds, so spending it won't kill me and not spending it doesn't change my life. I'm just wondering if the additional cost provides any benefit to me as a landlord such as more reliability or may be a few years longer life. Or is it all just a tenant benefit in that it's quieter and looks prettier.

Again, thanks for your time and knowledge