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    Numerous issues.......what one is best?

    climate master,water furnace , magnolia geo comfort.

    I have recently been given the contract as a service provider in a 1500 house (and growing) new geo subdivision.

    I have only been there a month and ive seen numerous breakdown issues..
    Installed correctly and operating less then 7 years(start of cons.)
    numerous equipment less then 3 month old is failing

    refrigerant leaks on equalizer lines,tx valve braze joints,
    internal modulating circ pumps, boards etc etc.

    now here is the tough spot....ive now realized they all pay little to no warranty for labour.
    $250 for climate master and $300 for the rest.

    anyone else seeing these issues.
    My response from the factory/manufacturer is less then 1%.failure... hahaha yeah right. Ive personaly seen way more

    i personally have repaired 6 leaks on geo comfort units this month and all were BRAND NEW 2 weeks old.
    now approx 200 units are geo comfort.....My failure rate is above 1%

    what brand is less junky? haha

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    I have always heard a 10% failure rate in the first 10 years. Nobody that I know of claims a 1% failure rate.
    Thats awesome that 1,500 homes in a subdivision have geo though! Sucks with the issues, but 6 leaks on 200 geocomfort in a month is way higher than any failure rate I have seen on geo(we only sell Waterfurnace though)
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