Dehumidification Control

Dear Forum Friends,
Need advice and have been off awhile with a sick family member. Do a job where there is a humidity controlled space.
Main AHU has sup humidiity but no dehumidification sequence in place.

1-So we have Ret Fan Heat Coil, Humidification Bundle, Coil Coil than supply fan.

2-As you knew we will supply 62F Sup temp in winter mode, and 55F sup temp in summer mode from the AHU to the boxes. VAV's & CAV boxes where they have HW Reheats.

3-Each JC Stat is reading Temp and Humidity.

4-We have one wall mounted humidistat.

The specs show and elect heater will be used for heating and dehumidification control, submittals show heating will be used for heat and dehumidiification.

But where?
a) The main air handler unit has the heating coil before the cooling coil so we cannot dehumidify that way.

b) Would it be at the box zone itself with programming thru the BAS? We have JC Metasys.

Just wondering, if there should have been an additional heater within the AHU?

Fear a supply temp reset at the main unit, and waste energy in the space.

Would welcome anyone's advice and feed back.