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No offense to Berg but I half agree with wherzamizat, maybe he could have been a little more but graceful.
First job with a jace and modbus? Why in the world is his boss sending him out there? If I was the customer I don't know if I'd be very happy about that.
So you've never worked on a controller the first time out in the field and had questions? BTW we are not customers, we are guys that have experience(some more than others), hence why he is asking this here. Look at post #7, I've known paulir since he was an ASI var, he has been a mentor, a teacher, and a friend and hes one of the best dam control guys I know in the U.S. Just like he is offering berg here, I met him on the ASI usergroup because he was always helping people. The first modbus job I ever did on a Carrier was 3 hours out of town, I had the software and the card got fragged, pauli worked me through the reprogramming of the card and getting the Modbus going, I wouldn't have ever pulled that job off without HIS help. Who else did my company have to send-NO ONE. The job works great, I ended up converting the whole site from Carrier Gen I stuff to ASI, its our biggest ASI job we ever done and we have more work there next week.

Again there has never been anything you have been trained on that you had to in the field for the first time?

Why in the world is his boss sending him?

Because obviously from his statements he has already started preparing and reading and hes getting ready to do his job-HES MOTIVATED. Look at my posts after I got my AX certification and be prepared for a question that is probably simple that I will be posting after this. The class teaches you how to use a Jace and how to set it up, there is nothing whatsoever that tells you how to do your first job, I had alot of the same questions, look at my AX questions in the pro forum.

Tearing a man down that is trying isn't worth a crap, we've all been there before