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    Cost of tools / parts / accessories

    Hey guys. I was just curious where everyone gets their tools / parts from? I was checking out URI's catalog and they seem over priced for a lot of the stuff. I've read lot of good things about them regarding their prices but after reviewing their catalog, I'm a little confused.. I'd like to find a good and dependable place for any of my hvac needs and I'd appreciate any tips on where to look.

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    you were probably seeing the retail cost not necessarily what you would pay as a contractor

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    Grainger has everything. can be helpful. For CHEAP Chinese tools you can get plenty of tools at Harbor Freight, the quality isn't the best but for entry level techs it will do until you can afford better more reputable tools. Then for those who are more adventurus, there are always pawnshops, Craigslist, and E-bay. I buy or have bought tools from all of the above.

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    Personal preference - Live and learn

    Tools are a matter of personal preference. Your tastes will change as you go along in your career. I try to buy USA when possible, but it is getting harder and harder to do so. For example: I buy refco gauges, JB hoses, craftsman hand tools when possible, some klein hand tools, YellowJacket tubing tools, and johnson controls leak detectors. Watch the Johnstone monthly flyers - they always have some great tools at a significant price reduction. You will learn what you like, and what is just junk. This forum helps to steer you away from junk.

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    Jigjoe, are you employed in the trade? If so the first step is to establish accounts at as many wholesale distributors as you can. Hvac wiz is right, catalog price is for the eyes of the general public (comes in handy sometimes).

    Do you have CC Dickson in Florida? They seem prevalent in the south.

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