Thanks for the site. I am in the process of purchasing a new heat pump from a local contractor for my rental property. The contractor has provided me estimates for either Payne or Carrier, both same size, specs etc. As I understand, the companies are both owned by Carrier, and both have the same warranties etc. My question is about the difference in price if these units. The Carrier unit is a Comfort 13 series, 25hbc3 with a FB4CNF AH unit, and the Payne is a PH13NA030 with a PF13MNA03 AH unit. The contractor advertises them as basically the same unit, and I've verified that others online say essentially the same, but the difference in price quoted to me is less than 5 percent difference between the two. Which would you choose and why? Also, I plan to have them install a carrier humidifier humcclbp unit along side. Thanks for your thoughts. Also, I don't have any plans to sell my property in the near term.